A201 – Overview/Homework/Final – 5/24/16

In Class:
-Last day of instruction! Woo Hoo!

-Worked on Perspective Still-Life.

-REMEMBER please be early for the Final Critique May 31st. We will set-up at 5:40pm and start the Critique/Exam at 6pm SHARP! Our critique/exam will run from 6-8pm. If you arrive at 6pm or later you WILL receive a point deduction!

-Finish “Crumpled Self Portrait”. 

-Finish “Perspective Still-Life”. Please do not erase construction lines in the finished drawing.

-Print and bring to class: Final Critique Check Sheet.

-Sign-Up for the Final Critique Pot-Luck:  Sign-Up Here.

-All Extra Credit is due on May 31st. Staple items together and make sure your name is on each item.

-Here is a  sample (old) final exam. Similar questions will be on your Final. Some questions may not apply to your semester.


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