A103 – Overview/Homework/Extra Credit/Final Exam Info – 5/26/16

In Class:
-Peer Review of Comparison Contrast Outline/Essay Draft
-Decided to post online lecture for CH 11-14.

-Handed back Quiz#3 and misc. assignments students never picked up.

-If you want your final exam and other work returned to you please bring a SASE (9″x12″) or larger self addressed stamped envelope with $1.00 postage). Write your name as both the addressee and sender/return address. Please note I will not send a copy of the final exam questions just your answer sheet, grade sheet and scantron.

-Study old exams, quizzes and notes plus this sample. Yes, I decided to post the A103 (2006) Sample Final Exam because it’s floating around out there. Remember this is just a sample and it is very old but… hauntingly similar.

-Online lecture: CH 11-14. Please view images and read the online lecture: lecture text  / images (note this PDF states that it covers CH13-15, please ignore.)

Extra Credit:
We did not have time to look at a Palestinian artist named Rana Samara. She is doing some interesting work about living in a battle zone. She questions what happens to families specifically the relationships between husband and wife when living in a refugee camp. Radio interview, article and images.

Final Exam Information:
-Thursday 6/2/16 from 4-6pm, please be early!
-Bring Scantron 882-E and a #2 pencil
-Bring extra sharpened pencils and an eraser.

-Pierce ID or CA drivers license or passport or other official PHOTO ID.
-Please take care of bathroom needs PRIOR to the exam. You will not be allowed to leave during the exam.

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