A103 – Quizzes

Directions and Online Test Policy – read before starting!

1. Print a copy of the test BEFORE taking it online. If there is a problem with submitting an online version this hardcopy will be accepted. You will also have a copy of the questions for “corrections” should you need the extra points.

2. If you encounter a problem with any portion of the test process, email the instructor BEFORE the deadline.

3. Late tests will NOT be accepted, give yourself plenty of time to complete the process.

4. All tests must be unique. Work with others but put your answers into your own words.

5. When you “submit” you will see a grade for your test. If there are essay, completion or short answer questions your grade will not be accurate. In most cases your grade will be higher because these questions cannot be graded by the computer test program.

6. Please submit only ONE test per person. Re-taking the test for a higher score is not allowed.

Next/Current Quiz:
Quiz #3 CH 5&6: PART A & PART B
In Class Pop Quiz: 3/17/16 –  popquiz_ch2
Quiz #1 CH 1 & 2

PART A Due:  Sunday May 1 @9pm

Time until PART A expires: